The unfortunate act of getting spunk in one's eye, due to a man ejaculating on one's face.
"What happened to you? Your eye looks red."
"I got Rikku Eyed last night"
by Spangolin November 29, 2006
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Rikku (Ri-coo)
- A streamer where in his live streams, anything and everything will crash
Person - "Have you heard of Rikku?"
Bubble - "Tesco meal deals suck"
by Therry Oobles Smith February 10, 2022
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a dangerous disease known to spread slowly, starting from screens. once in contact with this virus online, it will slowly inhabit your mind, causing you to lose focus and energy, and eat away at your brain cells.

there is currently no known cure for this disease, however, seek immediate special care if in contact at any point in time.
“Did you hear about the ibrahims?”
“Yeah, I heard Stephen almost got an email that almost gave him the rikku disease!”
Good thing Andres called a doctor!”
by Bear_Butt87 January 7, 2021
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