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Rigsby is a Feral Druid on World of Warcraft, he is known for his famous phrases which are, "YIFF YIFF >:3" and also, "I PAW YOUR THIGH YOU MOAN" he usually says these in "Trade" Chat or "LookingForGroup" Chat. Everybody on the realm knows who he is due to the fact that hes been around since 2008 or maybe even earlier. He is what's known as a "furry" or a "furfag"he usually spends his time residing at the Stormshield auction house or sitting inside of the Goldshire Inn.
21:56:50 Rigsby-MoonGuard: YIFF YIFF >:3
21:57:17 Rigsby-MoonGuard: *I PAW YOUR THIGH YOU MOAN*
by zblank May 17, 2016
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A well known furfag who resides on the Moon Guard server in World of Warcraft. He spends most of his days yiffing in the Lion's Pride Inn at Goldshire.
Jaydewolfe: Hey there Rigsby!
Rigsby: Yiff Yiff >:3!!!
by lost.thyme April 26, 2011
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masturbation with both hands.
The warden caught the inmate doing the rigsby when he passed his cell
by dave dillard December 29, 2004
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Pronounced with a rolling 'R' rigsby refers to the lacing of an alcoholic beverage with a strong spirit or liqueur, unbeknown to the drink's owner, in an effort to get them excessively inebriated on the night of their birthday festivities. Originates from the word 'rigged'.
Danny's drink got rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrigsby'd last night.
by The Rigmeister April 12, 2011
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