Being in right relationship with God.
I am declared righteous by God in the presence of God because I have accepted the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Righteousness is an eternal "state of being" granted by God to those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior - it is eternal, irreversible and declares to the universe that the individual is in right relationship with God - done deal.
by uka shamma July 11, 2008
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a happy job + millions of dollars for each of us
A lot of this perception is out of our control; thus we need to have this consistent set of
guidelines to keep us on the path of righteousness*.
by Jack_H January 12, 2013
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To make something justifiable or right. Making something seem okay or alright to do or say when it is not.
You were acting like an idiot when you were wasted last night. Don't try to righteousize it.

You can't righteousize the fact that you drank all of my beer and didn't even leave me one.
by Islander Greg February 24, 2010
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The hand of justice or being morally right or Getting the shit slapped out of ya
Tr3c If you don’t shut the hell up your going to catch the Hand of righteousness
by Skull EnDOr October 26, 2017
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The three heroes who saved Thailand from the monstrous SSOTA (Satanic Spider of the Apocalypse) and fought off the Sombrero Slags at nearly certain death. They answer Ireland's call and stand together tall for some crazy reason.
"Hey Chaz, Bad Boy Brewster, it's T-Bagg. Ireland needs saving. Riders of Righteousness assemble"
by Tbagg21 March 20, 2007
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Self-righteousness is a display or state of moral arrogance; the quality of someone who believes himself or herself to be morally (and, oftentimes, intellectually) superior to either a single individual or a group of individuals.

Those who are self-righteous often act in invidious, contemptuous, and unapologetic ways towards their targets.
*Self-righteous person would say: "You are responsible for your actions and failures. Not your parents, not other people, not your boss, not the bank, not politicians. Just you! The reason you are so miserable along with the reason why you are still a virgin at 19 and no girl wants you is because you are too lazy, too incompetent, and too scared of the world to get off your ass and get a job and you are too ugly for any attractive girl to give a damn whether you live or die! All you do is whine and complain."

*Target would say: "Go fuck yourself! You don't know me, so I suggest you show me and yourself some respect and keep your opinions to yourself. You are right about one thing, I am scared of the world. It's not fair that attractive girls don't like unattractive guys. Its not fair that my boss is a greedy dick who screws me over every week. Its not fair that I was born into a conservative working-class family in rural South Carolina with an authoritarian mom and a deadbeat dad. Its not fair that politicians only care about lining their pockets and pursuing their own partisan agendas instead of making this world a better place. I don't have the time nor the will to listen to your self-righteousness."

*Self-righteous person would respond: "You're right, the world isn't fair. Get over it. And as far as you not wanting to listen to my "self-righteousness"? Well, I wouldn't want to hear it either. Truth hurts."
by Cainman September 9, 2013
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