Best emoticon ever made. Frequently used on Flyffworld.
Longknife: Lol, you're lame KaoseT.
KaoseT: Why? D:
Parker: Your mom :ridicule:
by Nigra February 10, 2008
A word to describe a crazy, insane, yet amazingly funny person.
"Valarie, you're ridiculous!"

"WTF?! You are ridiculous for shouting "Toss that salad!" at random strangers out the car window!"
by hapachk4life November 9, 2012
Originally said by rapper Blasfemus, this pronounciation of the word ridiculous describes something that is at the top level of greatness, insanity, or beauty.
"SHIT! Kobe be makin' basketz like one ridiculous motha fucka tonight!"
"DeShawn? Dat nigga is ridiculous! He tried to sell me an eight ball of coke for 200 dollaz."
"DAYUUM dat azz iz ridiculous! It's bigger than two basketballs!"
by Blaz May 21, 2006
1. The particular property or aspect that makes something ridiculous.

2. A person who brings ridiculousness to a thing or situation.
1. I got an A+ on my assignment - and the ridiculizer is, I didn't even get the book out of the library, and my prof knows it.

2. Andy Huffley is the universal ridiculizer.
by D spaz June 10, 2008
The state of shock induced by a ridiculous event or item. Can be positive or negative. A state of disbelief.
This pie crust is made of bacon! I am so ridiculized!
by TheLexicalGap August 13, 2012
An alternative word for style other than : fly, ghetto fabulous, The Shiznit, iced-out, etc.

A person's style that's ridiculous is "fly".
My style is off the chain ridiculous cuz I roll like dat!
by Thegirl March 27, 2007