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The look of a true man. A greek god. The powerful combination of a full and lush red beard and a bald head.
"Behold the awesome Riccardo upon that mans being"
by LeaderOfMen83 May 21, 2016
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Not everybodys type, but if he is you'll be blinded by his faults- confused on why you think his so great! usually has a relaxing sexy voice! His very confusing, difficult to understand sometimes- he can be a real dickhead sometimes but he means well. His a warm character to be around, and his very entertaining, you never know whats gonna come out of his mouth next. his definitely one of a kind! His cool but weird, and he won't fail to make you smile, even if your feeling down.
'that guy riccardo' noun- name.
by beliverrrr December 01, 2017
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The richest, coolest, biggest penised man in the world all the girls really want to fuck him
God I feel really horny, where is riccardo
by Hello.beast February 08, 2015
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Powerful and strong. A rock you can lean on.
Social and well connected.
You will want to know this guy as doors will open for you in all the right places!

Official definition of the word Riccardo:

You seem to have what it takes to succeed,
To make big decisions and stay in the lead.
When faced with obstacles you show your power,
With your firm resolve, you are the man of the hour.
Your determination and will to endure,
Will make you strong and unbending, steadfast and secure.
I felt lost and unworthy... I wish I knew a Riccardo. Everything would seem more worthwhile.
by eSCALAbur February 03, 2010
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fugly skinny fag who needs to keep his tiny penis in his own pants...oh and get better shoes.
" what the fuck are you wearing u fuck head u look like such a riccardo!"
by cooliogirlwhohatespoo April 07, 2010
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