Reyes is an amazing person who knows how to express themselves. Once you see him you'll fall inlove with how attractive he is. Reyes goes through a lot of things but manages to keep going which makes them so strong. He is unique. Funny and romantic.
Reyes is not toxic at all!:)
by Maggie:) November 21, 2020
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most talented guy in the world, kind of shy in the beginning but trust me when I say hes awesome
hey dude have u hear of this guy name reyes?

yea dude hes fucking awesome¡
by arigatotototo June 8, 2011
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Perfect(: amazing and hawt asf and 100% seggs appeal
Person one: Do you know reyes?

Person two: Yes reyes is the hottest mf ever
by Waterdrinker ((((((; April 9, 2021
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Some potty head kid, that let's weed consume his life. used to be a real cool kid, now is just a loser pothead with no girlfriend.
Man i really need to stop smoking weed, before i turn out like reyes.
by gam gam the 3rd August 26, 2008
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Reyes is a guy who thinks

a. hes hot not true
b. a g psh yeah right
c. the coolest guy ever not really
d. thinks hes tough -just cause hes big
Will pussy out.

so hes really just cocky . . . but doesnt have a reason to be. he'll do anything to get out of a bad situation even if it means losing a friend or hurting someone in the process, he'll betray you. he'll lie&cheat. and isn't a good guy, and he will run from a fight cause he's not a real man. just Mean, a Liar, a Cheat, and a Fake Backstabber.
girl: so i heard reyes is gona get in a fight this friday..

boy: really? i heard he was gona pussy outa one. dumb cock sucker.
by thatchickk March 17, 2009
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Reye is a hot athletic guy he loves music and the best guy you will ever meet he can be chill and can be really competitive but he is really really really nice when you now him and can be funny a lot of girls like him he doesn’t like that much girls.
A :
Ohh he’s so hot

B:ohh that must be Reye
by Compx2419 November 6, 2020
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A amazing singer or cute kid who you love and need in your life
Oh my gosh, that new girl/boy Sammy is Reye!
by NewWordsByFyresFlame May 8, 2017
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