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term for someone who is freakishly thin

comes from annorexic but does not mean annorexic
by Ashley March 15, 2004
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Gout inducing, retched pairing of food, music, anything.
Bad matches that make no sense. If the combo makes you sick, it's rexis.
Peanut Butter and sardine sandwiches are rexis.
Pavarati signing rap is rexis.
by Lisa Scaradino April 12, 2006
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That cute gay guy's online video game nickname.

He's probably a furry too, and a total weeb.
~Playing Call of Duty: World At War~

XxBlowjerber69xX - Yo, Rexi, rush to B! They're taking the objective!

Rexi - I'm trying, sweetie, but I got too many of these cute Germans shooting at me, I just love their uniforms.
by sexirexi69 June 05, 2016
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