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Traditional Finnish girl's name. Usually loyal bfnmw. Aino has long blonde hair and light eyes. Sometimes insecure about her looks. Others see that she is beautiful. Has an adaptive nature and others admire it. Aino is usually optimistic and wide-eyed, but don't use it for you. You can spot her singing and dancing around. You are a very lucky if you are dating Aino. She is a loyal also for her boyfriend. Aino's smile is something you can't find elsewhere, so make her smile when you meet. Anyone would be lucky to have someone like Aino in their life.
I wish I could sing like Aino.
I'm lucky that I have a friend like Aino.
by minä1234 January 17, 2019
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Someone with a big personality. Aino isn’t afraid to express herself and chase her dreams. Aino is loyal and usually known as the fun friend. Aino has an exciting life and will tell you the best stories.
Dont give up be like Aino
Damn i wish Aino was here to cheer me up
Wow your friends suck you should get yourself an aino
by Iiiigor January 15, 2019
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Aino is a girl you want but can’t have in your friend group. She’s optimistic on the outside, but often has a cooler and more bitchy personality on the inside. If you’re her friend, you’ll get advice, if she’s not your friend she’ll ignore you. Never use a Aino, because she’ll be sure to never forget that. Aino’s have a change of personality quickly and are socially advanced. They’re intelligent and mostly get teased for it in early years. They don’t study a lot but have natural brightness

They are mostly blonde or light brown haired, and have either plain eyes or very colour mixed ones.

If you have a Aino in your life, know that her annoying ness is a facade to blend in:)
oh is that Aino?
she’s changed so much since last year
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Originally created on MSN chats by V, it had to move to mIRC after chats went subscription.

The people who are residence there are known at the Knight family and has been around for over five years.
"Damn, Aino just raided us again. They're too good. :("
by Satty November 15, 2004
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Many American politicians are voted into Congress to support the US Constitution and fellow Americans. The 21st century has spawned a new political class, AINOs, who spread misinformation and propaganda to support their own fortunes and trample democracy while shredding the principles of the US Constitution.

They are easy to ID as they have never served in the US armed forces but pretend to be “Patriots”.
by Big D Rock March 31, 2022
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1- poo-tunnel
2- bad driver
*whilst driving*

by Joel/Mark December 18, 2006
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She is the Sailor Venus from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Sailorvenus, resembling the Princess herself, is also a young lady of grace and beauty. Before becoming part of the Sailor Team, she was roaming around as Sailor V. She was the first of the Senshi to return. This is all because Artemis, the white cat advisor of Queen Serenity, had found her when the world was in great need of a heroine.

For Aino Minako, being a protector of Earth had taken its toll on her. Often times she had to dash off and deal with an enemy while leaving a potential friend. That got her a reputation of being a little too different. Therefore, she was sometimes left friendless and alone.

But all that changed when she was reunited with the other Inner Senshi. They became her best friends, and she’d never feel lonely again. As a warrior, Venus is skilled. She had a lot of practice being Sailor V, so many of the things Venus needed to know, she had already learned. With the team, Minako had battle drills and the intense training of a Sailor Senshi.

Minako is a good-hearted person. She’s very good with children and isn’t all that shy. She loves to have fun, go shopping, and help others. One of the dreams she has is to become a teacher, preferrably in physical education. Knowing that or not, lovely Minako is a very likable person right from the start.
by Samurai Katsu September 24, 2003
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