is a manipulation technique that involves getting people to do things by prompting them to do the opposite.
For example, we wanted our friend to eat an entire 30 pc chic fil nugs before 2020 ended. We used reverse psychology and bet him that he couldn't which then forced him to have an internal battle to eat all the nugs. We all got what we wanted and our friend bringing in the new year with a belly full of chi fil a — IBC % on the rise
by Gas Station Chkn December 31, 2021
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Inferring the quality of an ass viewed only from the front. An inexact science.
"It was like she was hiding it, but eventually I got a glimpse of her ass. It was luscious. My reverse psychology was dead on."
by Sensate Mass February 5, 2013
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Oh, shit. Did I write that one down? I might have altered the outcome.
Hym "Iam you idiot! You know you can't tell people the things you predict!"

Iam "I... I thought if I waited until after no one would believe me!"

Hym "Well, now we'll never know. It's like reverse psychology! If you tell them what you think they are going to do then they are going to do the opposite!"

Iam "I'm sorry! I meant to wait until after! I didn't know I wrote that one!"
by Hym Iam April 20, 2022
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Reverse psychology: a persuasion technique involving the false advocacy of a belief or behavior contrary to the belief or behavior which is actually being advocated. This technique relies on the psychological phenomenon of reactance, in which a person has a negative emotional response in reaction to being persuaded, and thus chooses the option which is being advocated against.
by You won't do it. September 14, 2009
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a technique of convincing a person that they will not succeed in hopes that it will spur them to succeed; a technique employing pessimism in order to effect a positive outcome
the man used reverse psychology to motivate the girl to better her life
by d lokkkk April 11, 2006
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Where an arrogant/disgruntled/overly-confident client "turns the tables" and attempts to counsel the psychologist.
Dr. Phil: Let's talk about your childhood.
Madea (cheerfully): Let's talk about YOUR childhood.
Dr. Phil. Talkin' about MY childhood isn't gonna help YOU out. Okay, let's try a different route. Do you sleep well at night?
Madea (with an impish breezy smile): Do YOU sleep well at night?
Dr. Phil (passing his hand over his face in a "I can't handle this --- NOBODY could talk any sense into this woman" gesture): Look --- I ain't gonna be able to help ya if you're gonna practice reverse psychology here!
by QuacksO December 25, 2016
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Reverse psychology is thinking that is the opposite of how the human brain works. For example, if green is the color of grass, then it must be a primary color. However, we know that the only primary colors are red, blue, and yellow.
Sigmund Freud stated, "All of us are just trash." However, God created us for great purpose and Sigmund Freud is an atheist, so if you are a Christian this is totally Reverse psychology because it's just plain wrong and false. Since atheists are non-believers this is the normal way of thinking, especially from a religious perspective. Yet, the statement is so crazy that some atheists would probably convert to being religious just by hearing something this ridiculous.
by PWS27 July 15, 2017
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