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1. Never backwards.
2. What it sounds like when Scooby Doo says "seven"
1. Never is just reven backwards.
2. Would you do it for 7 scooby snacks?
Reven? Rou ret!
by fapathy February 19, 2009
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a boy with a big ego and very anoying, not good at love makeing.
very sensitive, rich, spoiled,and funny.
a very hot looking young man, who falls in love easily...loves to talk about sex...and loves to eat, doesnt mind working.
Person 1: did you see that house
person 2: yea reven must live there
by cocoa butter626626262 June 30, 2009
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A super Kool kid that you'll love to meet. He's albino tho but he still has freckles.
by Only want him13 October 05, 2019
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