City in upstate (downstate? Depends on your point-of-view) New York in the USA. WAY tougher than pussy ol' Poughkeepsie. Take a midnight stroll down Chambers Street and tell me I'm wrong. Has way better views of the Hudson River, too.

It is connected to Beacon by the Hamilton Fish Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. The main high school is NFA, or Newburgh Free Academy, or No Fun Allowed. That last one was not a joke. The school mascot is the Goldback (A type of eagle) and the main rival is Kingston.

Population of 28,259 as of the 2000 census.

-First American city to have electricity
-Home to Broadway, at one time the widest street in America
-One of the first cities in America to fluoridate its water supply
-One of the test markets for the first televisions; the positive feedback the TV's received helped start the worldwide phenomenon
-Once the location of George Washington's encampment.

Bordered by the much more wealthy Town of Newburgh to the north, and middle-class New Windsor to the south.

A.K.A.: The Sixth Borough, Da Burgh, Boringsville, Retardsville
Newburgh is actually a pretty interesting place, despite what most teenagers say about it.
by Your Average Newburghian August 22, 2008
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what one calls a homosexual that will sleep with anything
"Will, i cant believe you almost seplt with a newburgh!"
by Dantodd April 26, 2007
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what one calls a homosexual slut that will sleep with anyone
"Will, I Can't believe you almost slep with a newburgh
by Dantodd April 24, 2007
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1- A place where middle-aged caucasions move to raise children. This is due to the fact that nothing ever happens that would be of any interest, there is no diversity other than German or Sweedish, and the police have nothing better to do than arrest 17 year-olds for carrying ciggarettes (or other things of this nature).

2- A village of alcoholics.
"Are you gonna go hang out in Newburgh, Indiana tonight?"
"Fuck no. Why?"
by WannaBeIdina July 17, 2008
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the high school relationship of two people who are not immediate relatives but are within 3rd or 4th cousins.
Name taken from the town of Newburgh, Maine. The kind of town where when a child is born his surname is one of about 15.
Joe: "Hey did ya hear mark and jen are going out now?"
Paul: "That's what this place needs, another Newburgh Romance"
by Chadg May 20, 2008
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a woman on the corners of newburgh that sells drugs and gets laid by guys she picks up on those corners...they generally dress innapropriately and use dirty language. Some people call them "hood rats, sewer tricks, and trick sluggers".
Dad: "Hey son, never talk to those newburgh slug tricks on those corners. They are nasty and probably have crabs."
by Javon Jaleel July 2, 2009
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