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1) To find the residue of a function. The residue at an isolated singular point z0 of a function f(z) is defined as the contour integral of f(z) around C, all over two Pi i, where C is a positively oriented simple closed contour enclosing z0 (and no other singularities of f(z)) and i is the imaginary number defined as (-1)^(1/2). Alternatively, one can define the residue as the coefficient of the z^-1 term in the Laurent series expansion of f(z) about z0.

2) To jizz on that bitch's face.
Definition 1:
1) Residuate that ho!
2) Dude 1 - "Dude, I can't residuate this function."

Dude 2 - "Did you try taking the squrl?
Definition 2:
1) Residuate that ho!
2) SQF needs to CTFD and residuate a ho.
by acm95 December 10, 2010
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