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Girls who reply to popular videos on Youtube just to get views.

They usually have their boobs hanging on the thumbnail to catch viewers then make a short video explaining stuff you already know. Also can be called the spam on youtube.
Random kid. "Oh I just watched nighahiga's newest video!"
*sees a reply video that has a girl with a huge rack as thumbnail*
" I wanna watch that"
30 seconds later...
"That was f**king dumb as f**k! I hate these reply girls!"
by hater of trolls February 28, 2012
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1: Really annoying females on YouTube who reply to any mainstream trailers, news, viral videos or any videos that attract a lot of attention. They are a new type of attention whore.
2: the real life jackoffasaur
Daddy: Son, I we need to have a chat. Have a seat over there and make yourself comfortable.
Billy: Okay, Dad.
Daddy: Son, there are people in this world who resemble that of a jackoffasaur. These annoying creatures are known as "Reply girls."
Billy: Why are you telling me about this, Daddy?
Daddy: So that you can defend yourself when you confront one on YouTube.
Billy: OH! Can I burn it?
Daddy: Why, yes, you can, Billy. Yes, you can.
by masterBETA February 25, 2012
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A form of YouTube spam where YouTube users, typically idiotic women with oversized breasts, decide to upload a video entitled "RE: Videoname" and post it as a video reply. As a result, they manage to fill the "Related Videos" section of YouTube with a plethora of breasts, as opposed to actual content that's actually related to the current video.

Most YouTube users view Reply Girls as a nuisance. There are some people who enjoy the Reply Girls, but all they look at are the thumbnails with their exposed cleavage, leave a stupid-ass comment, and then leave the video.
*Reply Girl creates a reply and adds it to video response*

*Video responses for reply girls appear in the side bar*

YouTube User: BEWBS!!!!1!!1!1---------------------->>>>
by Sir Hatter February 27, 2012
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Annoying girls on youtube that reply to every popular video and basically summarize it. they usually have the camera pointed at their breasts as a thumbnail and use them to get more views and ratings. These videos are usually downvoted to hell.
Girl: That MeganSpeaks reply girl never says anything interesting about the videos and the camera is always pointed at her boobs!
Boy: That is a bad thing why...?
by cleanallthethings March 01, 2012
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Dumb bitches that reply to every possible youtube video they can in order to take advantage of the money youtube gives out for views. They often make sure that their video thumbnails is a zoom-in shot of their cleavage in order to sucker men into clicking their video links. The poor bastards never realize what they're getting themselves into, until it is too late. About 99.9999% of the reply girls are dumbass butter faces, hence why they focus on their tits and their monologues are retarded. Some even have the audacity to complain about people only clicking the link for their boobs; despite that being the main focus of EVERY FUCKING THUMBNAIL THEY HAVE.
This is your typical reply girl video

"Hey guys, so like um, I was all like um, watching this video on um, youtuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubeeeeeeeeeee, and it was like about fish or something. It was very interesting with um, all the talking about the um, fish, and it was like, very educational. So yeah um, I like, you know, like the video! it was good, you should watch it! Buh-Bye!"
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A YouTube Meme Who Always Appears In "Featured Video" Tab Whatever New You Want To View In YouTube With A Thumbnail Of Explicitly Schoolgirl With Large TITS, Ending Up With Annoyance Nonsense Reviews And Random SHiTs Making People Screwed And Somewhat Spam On YouTube.

Sometimes Has A Partnership Accounts Of YouTube, Which Even More Unfair To YouTube, Whatever Being Paid Or YouTube Wants More... "MONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY" *mr. krabs' laugh style*
Stay Away From Those Reply Girls As Possible!
by MeganSpeaksSUCKS April 21, 2012
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