Replicators are seemingly unstoppable 4 legged spiders, comprised of small "blocks".

Replicators are generally built for the sole purpose of replicating, they do this by using every usable material they can aquire, and transform it into a replicator "block"

Replicators use these "blocks" to build more of themselves, aswell as, walls, engine upgrades, and weapon upgrades. At one point they had even built a ship out of them.

During a war with the Asgard, the Replicators ended up on Hala, the Asgard homeworld, where they found Reese. Using Reese as a blueprint, Replicators created Human forms of themsevles, comprised of small nano-bots. Replicators have total control of these cells, and are able to go through solid objects, or turn their arms into weapons.

They were eventually killed by the weapon at Dakara, but.. the first, and true Replicators live on in the pegasus galaxy.
Replicators beat the hell out of the Goa'uld, Humans, Asgard, and were orignally built to kick the Wraiths ass. How much better do these little spiders get?
by Arcturus Mikado July 27, 2006
1. A genetically engineered creature composed entirely of organic substance designed to look and act human.
2. An android.

Replicants are distinguished from humans using the Voight-Kampff machine.
"The replicant looked like a human being but lacked empathy."
by Renee February 26, 2004
The action of proving ones' innocence by copying or reproducing the flatulent sound that came from an object to elude public embarrassment.
<A person sits on a couch & it makes a fart noise. Witnesses within the vicinity look upon in disgust>
"It was the couch! See?"
<Person gets up & sits back down in attempt replicate the sound to prove their innocence>
by tfsimpkins August 19, 2011
Social media term for someone who recites information unaware if its correct or not for the sake of repeating it to increase their own perceived "social standing" in a social community. Can apply to any online community such as a forum, a group of sites of communities/threads (i.e. reddit), or a solitary person. They are usually seeking something such as attention, approval, and/or money.
It's a good cause but run by replicants who copy/paste everything but their own ideas and strategies for "Likes."
by toothhurty January 7, 2021
As a parent, you have the right to do what you want - as long as you lock your little virus replicator kid away from other human beings for life.
by bugpower March 15, 2020
someone pays a guy to design a killer tattoo, then they take it to a tattooer to be replicated. The tattooer posts the pic of the tattoo on social media. Someone then draws that tattoo (but smaller) then takes it to the same tattooer to be done again only smaller and upside it has been 'hyper replicated'.
My new tattoo is a {hyper replication} of a tattoo that I saw on social media.
by LadyFuckery January 21, 2018
An area under the Plaguelands where SIVA is created and replicated. Is also the location where the Iron Lord's were killed by SIVA, and are now puppets of SIVA.
You must travel to the Replication Chamber, destroy the former Iron Lord's, and put an end to SIVA.
by n_u_m_l_o_k September 7, 2020