what you say when you're playing poker and you want someone to call a bet.
he's all in you better call that shit cause i can't with these rags.
by sterwang September 30, 2006
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Someone calling your shit poop is them saying, "Man, you're full of shit."

When you are being hypocritical someone can rightfully call your shit poop.
Scott: "Hey Blue, you surfing the net at work again?"
Bill: "Hey Scott, weren't you just on HotOrNot.com again?"
Katie: "Damn. Bill just called your shit poop."
by Mr. Wood September 17, 2004
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An expressive phrase demonstrating excitement in anothers actions.
If you found a long forgotton bag of marijuana, your friend might yell, "Oh my god, he called the shit poop!"
by Dr. Stubblefield June 13, 2008
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When a person attempts to have a bowel movement whilst in the intermission of a online Call Of Duty match. The player attempts to complete this shit and get back in time before the next match starts. These bowel movements range from one to two minutes, depending on whether or not the player wipes, washes their hands, or cares how much of the next match they miss.
Joe- " I'll be right back, I gotta take a shit."
Bob- "You better make it a call of duty shit, or your going to miss the next match!"

Dad- "Hurry up son, we're going to be late to your game!"
Son- "I'll make it quick, it'll be a call of duty shit."
by McSnicket November 11, 2011
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When you have to take a shit after playing Call of Duty due to the adreneline spike. Similar to a coke shit.
There is nothing better than taking a Call of Duty shit after a long play session.
by Call of Duty Guy September 25, 2021
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