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Someone who discounts scientifically valid medical research pertaining to vaccines in favor of data produced by a discredited researcher.
The anti-vaxxer movement has negatively impacted herd immunity and resulted in outbreaks of presentable diseases.
by Zyndell August 28, 2015
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When you think up something brilliantly righteous while baked.
X: I had this great highdea last night
Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
by TripleWest September 03, 2012
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Someone who thinks searching Google and reading blogs provides a better education than years of medical school, studying for board exams, and medical practice.
Judy is an anti-vaxxer and thinks she knows more about vaccines than a pediatrician.
by turtlegirl784 August 27, 2015
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A person who thinks they know more about medicine and public health than the overwhelming majority of doctors, scientists, immunologists, and every major health organization across the whole entire planet.
Pfffft, I don't need to believe in "evidence based medicine" & fancy "science" made up by sheeple and shills! I'm an arrogant anti-vaxxer!

vaccines vax anti vax shedding sheeple big pHARMa go polio team measles
by M'Lynn August 28, 2015
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A person dead set on listening to conspiracy theories about "Big Pharma" and ignoring all evidence to the contrary. Hallmarks of your typical anti-vaxxer include a staggeringly overinflated ego, pervasive selfishness, and insistence that they know more than real doctors/researchers because they read mommy blogs. An anti-vaxxer is also likely to view children as their property with no medical rights of their own (MY child, MY choice).
Joe: Why do things like measles and pertussis still kill people today?

Martha: Because anti-vaxxers only care about themselves and their "rights" to control their children. Science has eradicated these diseases - it's too bad it's fashionable for anti-vaxxers to flout science and make their children suffer with preventable diseases.
by Tess of the d'Ubershills August 27, 2015
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Someone who does not know what the definition of "research" is, has a Google phd, is anti-science or lacks the critical thinking skills to determine real science from pseudoscience, and parrots other people's ill-informed conclusions about vaccination.
There are no intelligent, well-educated people that are also anti-vaxxers
by Youarenotawake August 27, 2015
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a person who opposes vaccination/immunization, claiming that the practice is harmful. the term typically carries a derogatory connotation, implying both science illiteracy and a failure to think critically.
We can thank the anti-vaxxers and their ill-informed propaganda for the resurgence in measles and other preventable diseases in the 21st century.
by synthesist August 27, 2015
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