A song by the artist Iyaz known for the popular line “Shawty’s like a melody.”
This song was released on July 7th of 2009 and has stayed relevant in online culture due to how catchy this song was, the song has only gained popularity within the past 2 years because of ‘meme culture.’
Within meme culture, this song has become popular because of various memes across social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram with various usage of sources such as Spongebob, videos of unknown origin, and even still images.
The usage of this song has been used in various popular sources such as ‘YLYL’ challenges, Jackbox games, and even within the captions of the source.
Person 1: “Have you heard of Replay by Iyaz?”
Person 2: “Shawty’s like a melody, isn’t she?”
by YeahheaY December 06, 2020
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A song by Iyaz that acts as a subtle metaphor for the artist's homosexuality. A romantic song about a man falling in love with a girl on the surface it is a subversive message for Iyaz's love of cock. "Remember the first time we met/
You was at the mall wit yo friends/I was scared to approach ya." Iyaz reticence about approaching 'her' is not because of ego or fear of rejection but because he doesn't want to be outed as the homosexual he is.

"Who would have ever knew/That we would ever be more than friends" In this verse he is clearly demonstrating that he is acting differntly when with his friends making sure they don't know that they "would ever be more than friends." If the song really is about a girl than why is she the "gun to myhis holster." The gun is clearly a phallic metaphor as it is nothing less than pure masculinity why than does she have the gun? it is because the holster is Iyaz's anus and a man not 'she' is putting the gun in his holster. It is the draw of homosexuality that he replays over and over in his head. More subversive clues are "doin things that i never do," and "the one that could FILL your fantasies"
"You know that song Replay?"
"Sure, you realize it's a metaphore for represed homosexuality"
"i know Iyaz was gay"
"not there is anything wrong with that"
"no, not at all"
by flizer70 January 20, 2010
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An addictive song by Sean Kingston ft. IYAZ that if on youtube, will keep you clicking "replay" afterwards.
Bob: Man, I listened to replay at least 600 times lastnight.
by defgiva November 08, 2009
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"Shawty's like a melody in my head, can't keep out, got my singing like
Na na na na, every day
It's like my iPod's stuck on replay, replay-ay-ay-ay"

by Lucio Soph September 07, 2010
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When you foolishly reply to all to an email chain, and upon realizing your error, you compound the problem with a followup "replay to al" email. This email is composed so frantically that it is littered with spelling errors and so much jibberish that it makes the SCOAMF sound coherent in comparison, even when He is off teleprompter!
The following is an actual "replay to al" email:

"I'm sory, I didnot meant to replay to al. I clacked the wrong massage. Pleese fergive me."
by moraleboatanchor August 13, 2012
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In video games, how well a game beckons you to play it again after beating it. Games with good replay value cause you to willingly play the game several times through instead of just one or two times.
It should not be confused with artificial replay value, which basically "forces" you to play again.
"Oblivion has great replay value! I like to start new files over and over to play different roles and character specs!"
by Israel LeCours August 13, 2009
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