The enitirety of the back and forth conversation in an email exchange.
Can you send me your phone number

I did, refer to earlier in this email chain, a couple emails back I think.
by kapinsano February 26, 2011
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The resulting email chain from a group email, caused when a question is sent to multiple people, and everyone chirps in with varying replies, possibly including adding additional recipients who might have some interest in the matter (or more than likely not).

Good indicators are when multiple people send emails basically saying the same thing, or when new random people start chirping in to a discussion that's already been agreed.
That issue with the sales team? That really started am email chain of death, didn't it?!
by londonalex March 21, 2014
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A large exchange of emails with a group of more than 2 people
Our class has an email chain which we use to exchange notes
by November 9, 2023
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