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The act of having anal sex with a female two or more times in a night.
Tashera came over last night and I gave her the Repeat Offender!
by two feet of cock March 17, 2009
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Any person who has the annoying habit of re-telling the same joke, repeating a phrase, or repeatedly singing a song while intoxicated.
OMG Ted was such a repeat offender with that lame-ass joke he told 100 times when he was hammered last night. I wanted to punch him in the face!
by mimiparker May 10, 2010
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When you've previously slept with someone and then years later sleep with them again. In this case they don't count as a new lover so your number never goes up.
"Last night I accidentally hooked up with a repeat offender. I hope he doesn't call again."
by Lola XXX January 30, 2009
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when you just get done wiping your ass after taking a dump and immediatly have to take another dump.
i have raw ass from repeat offenders.
by sean January 07, 2005
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A customer, who habitually returns purchases, for no good reason, other than to be a complete pain in the ass. During the original purchase, they bombard the salesperson, with questions regarding refund and return policies. So frequently and with such conviction, the salesperson can almost predict them coming back within 48 hours or less. This process can possibly go on for months, before it is finally resolved. Easily spotted, because everything they say about the product is jaded and pessimistic.
"That guy's my 'repeat offender'. Send someone else to deal with him. On second, thought? FUCK THAT SHIT. Throw his ass out, and call the cops if me makes a fuss!"
by D. Gould January 12, 2006
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a woman that a man has already enaged in sexual intercourse with one or more times in the past
Tom: Yo Eric, did you get a fresh kill last night?
Eric: Nah, but I did bang this girl that I used to see in college.
Tom: Oh well, don't worry, nothing wrong with a repeat offender
by Champ360 April 02, 2015
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