Woman who has faced and defeated great battles, the greatest most memorable lover u will EVER have
Man that Renae is unforgettable
by Ms Chocolate February 11, 2019
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One of the best females you will ever meet. A Renae is a beautiful, caring lady that will always be there for you and listen to what is on your mind. A Renae likes to snuggle very snuggly and likes to cook. If your nice to her, she will wake you up or call you every morning to let you hear her wonderful voice.

Note: Renae's are hard to find, there isnt many of them.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Renae, your so sweet!
by jtpoundcake February 3, 2012
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The most beautiful girl inside and out. Has a beautiful smile, awesome hair, gives the best hugs and has a massive heart. She is always there for you, when you are down and is the best at cheering people up! She can be silly at times, is really loud and loves to laugh. She is also really down to earth. If you have ever met a girl named Renae, are friends with a girl called Renae, are related to Renae, or are in a relationship with Renae...capture the moments you have with her because you are lucky to have that Renae in your life!
"OMG I just met this girl called Renae"
"OMG really? Was she pretty?"
"Yeaaahh and really nice too"
"Probs coz her name was Renae"
"Ye, True Dat!"
by ajax24 December 10, 2012
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Crazy, fun, loud. Great smile. One of the most beautiful girls you'll ever meet. Talkative. Friendly, Nice bootayyyy, unorganized, best person you'll eva meet!
Hey man do you know renae?

Of course! She's the best =}
by Nae-kid January 4, 2009
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A very loving person,very nice is willing to help,doesn’t have drama,can make a very good friend,most definitely will make a good girlfriend if her name is Renae she’s a keeper
Renae is loving
by Lil ro December 31, 2021
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A girl who is insanely cool, comes from Australia and is obsessed with MySpace and PacMan.
Oh my gosh, Renae is so fucking awesome. I went to her house and we played PacMan all day, then after that we went on MySpace and posted bulletins to everyone with awesome quizzes in them !! I tell you, she has got THE life.
by Natasha Abbott October 13, 2008
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A skinny hot bitch with long legs who you can't help but hate because she steals your boyfriend and has bigger boobs than you. She smiles at everybody.
Me: I hate Renae
Friend: She's too perfect to hate

Me: I think she's the worst
by Kinnyz January 20, 2015
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