Very rare name, this name is actually from the word rimantas and its a special type of jewel. She is very nice,honest and a loving person. She is very friendly and if ur ever sad she would help you through anything.She is perfect.

You are very lucky if u have a friend called Remas
Remas is so kind she forgave me for something very bad.
by Remas January 2, 2018
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Remas is a very rare name,its a type of jewel.Remas is very dedicated to life and if remas has a thing for you u are very lucky.She is very into sports and very intelligent,but if u get on her bad side,very unlucky.Remas is very loyal however some people may not agree.
Remas ACCTUALLY likes me!
by Herrrr10111 December 29, 2020
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Definitely she is a big LIAR ! She also steals people from others !! Litterly no one loves her ! She is so cringeworthy and she have a really bad personality . She always think that she is cool but guess what she’s not :)) it’s better to stay away from remas
Remas is The most cringiest person ever
by This is me duh April 21, 2019
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Rema is a very pretty and unique girl. She's kind and caring and once you get to know her you become attached. She's sophisticated and funny. But she does have an anger and tends to lash out on herself.
Male: who's that quiet girl in the corner?
Female: Oh i think thats rema
Male 2: oh she's pretty
by Rese123 May 6, 2011
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a rema is when you dont know what to say
by rema! September 28, 2020
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Really Enjoy (being by) Myself Alone
by Jonnybhyy December 23, 2018
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A term used for someone that is extremely toxic towards opponents in a game. Relating to the FIFA YouTuber called Ashely Barton
That guy is such a ViTal Rema.
by TheAssignedDuplicate July 3, 2019
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