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Rema is a very pretty and unique girl. She's kind and caring and once you get to know her you become attached. She's sophisticated and funny. But she does have an anger and tends to lash out on herself.
Male: who's that quiet girl in the corner?
Female: Oh i think thats rema
Male 2: oh she's pretty
by Rese123 May 05, 2011
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Very rare name, this name is actually from the word rimantas and its a special type of jewel. She is very nice,honest and a loving person. She is very friendly and if ur ever sad she would help you through anything.She is perfect.

You are very lucky if u have a friend called Remas
Remas is so kind she forgave me for something very bad.
by Remas January 02, 2018
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A rude,inconsiderate bitch who cares only of herself. She lies all the time and says she is definitely not mad at people and really is. She is an absolute HOE and if you ever go out with her whether your a man or woman she will cheat on you in the blink of an eye!!!!!!!!!!She is not really pretty but thinks she is. She always try's to act cool and she thinks everyone else likes her but they don't. Nobody likes a Rema. She never appreciates ANYTHING. And always breaks or looses everything you could ever give her.
To sum it up she is a rude, full or her self, prissy, sassy little girl.
Woah. That girl really is a REMA.
by Amelia Wilkonson April 07, 2017
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