a person with this name is incredibly awesome-looking and always has the hugest dick in the room or anywhere.
Woooooooow! Now that guy is such a Reinhard.
by youguysaremongrels May 15, 2011
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Reinhard is awesome. Reinhard is the best. Awesome is Reinhard.
Shalini says that Reinhard is the awesomest being on the planet.
by Cat os trophy October 12, 2018
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Highly flammable but uber-l337 German, native to Belgium, Scarlet's nemesis
Ger orf my land or i'll set meh Menelaos on you
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
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Mikel Reinhard is an honest and kind soul. He spends most of his time playing instruments and cooking. But don't let him fool you he's also a very athletic guy. You can find him surfing on the weekends basicly anywhere with sand usually with his dad but octainlly with friends. But when he's not surfing you can catch him practicing lacrosse in his back yard or at a park. He plays lacrosse for school and although he's not on varsity he works really hard and is always practicing. Mikel is also a familly sort of guy his familly means everything to him. He is super close with his mother which has built up great charector development. And he adores and aspires to be like his grandma. So much so that he will even take 4 month long trips to Spain just to learn more about her culture and his heritage. On his mom's side he is a proud Venezuela though if you meet a mikel he won't let you forget it. Which is a good thing because he has so many amazing and culture filled stories and foods to show you. If you meet a Mikel Reinhard your honestly in for a ride.
Person: look it's Mikel Reinhard

Other person: did you know he's Venezuelan

Person: yah duh
by Mia Moncado July 8, 2021
Reinhard is a german synonym for "rein da", meaning "let's go".
by InsiToasTT April 28, 2023
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Reinhard's are usually good looking guys and also kind hearted.
Reinhard loves to be with a few people whom he trusts a lot.
Reinhard has some anger issues otherwise he is the best person to be around.
by The unknown lover November 22, 2021
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