noun. - Meh-kel
3 - detailed definition

1. One who can perform moves, stunts, etc. with profound skill.

2. A being of untold awesomness.

3. Any one person that carries this name is usually a very hard to find guy.

With his spontaneous personality, and a natural tendency to be unbelievably awesome wherever he goes, Mikel is typically an unchallenged Badass and pwns at everything he does, and when he pwns the pwnage is so intense that the pwned begs to rather walk away in defeat that they tried to challenge Mikel.

Mikels typically hang around people who he only deems worthy of beng in the presence of him, He usually has two main bro's and they go by various names; most commonly they are named Evan and Shayne.

Mikel is a loyal friend and companion, truly one of a kind and hard to find one now a days. Mikel is lastly one of the few in the tribunal of Untold Awesomness for he and another person of equal awesomness created all things sexy and awesome!
1. "woah bro!"

"that move!, was totally mikel!"

"oh dude, i know!"

2. "i was walking home and i saw something that could only be described as mikel!"
by Webster's Dictionary Supporter November 19, 2011
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An idoim describing somebody amazing or very cool similar to Jesus, Clapton, Alice Cooper, and chuck norris
by KingOfNarnia February 4, 2010
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A person who looks cool and is always kind with other people. The person who has this name is usually awesome, handsome, cool, beautiful, sexy, a mother f*cking badass and sometimes can be a little bit depressed but his friends always help him.
Another fact about people with this name is that they have a pretty good taste in music.
"yo this song is fire cuz, you really are a mikel"
"i wish i could be as mikel as you"
by OUR SAVIOUR February 3, 2019
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This guy gives the brutal 2 punch system of death turns out he can stop a mans breathing and make them physically disabled in two hits
Mikel got that one lick bro
by Yesmyguyyooomyguy October 8, 2021
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A great sense of humor a great friend and an AMAZING dancer everyone wants to be her friend
Mikel is AWESOME
by Dancer C April 15, 2019
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Mikel is one of the hottest guys you have ever seen. Amazing at everything he does, except being in a relationship. They don't lose their first kiss until they are 14-16.
Girl 1: OMG! That guy is so hot...

Girl 2: Yeah, that is Mikel
by wedemboyz243 January 25, 2017
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A guy who has a very large bum however hates subject like math and chemistry, however this is a small price to pay for such a huge arse #nohomo.
Mikels tend to be obsessed with cars, Specifically JDMs which can lead to a unhealthy amount of time dedicated to watching car porn which can have side effects like homosexuality, corona virus and even death.
Due to this, his favorite movie is cars 2, made by disney pixar, as it has that fit woman car thing whatever her name is.
They may also possess an addicting obsession with Marwank as they are rare to find in the western world and thus are worth mucho money on the black market.
All in all Mikels are very nice guys who are in love with cars but are a little gay.
BRO 1: Oh yk Mikel?
BRO 2: yhyh the one who is a little gay
BRO 1: yh him i caught him wanking off to supras

BRO 2: bro thats weird
by Marwank April 15, 2020
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