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1. The worst county a person can live in inside Florida.

2. The only county where you could drink and drive and the cops are doing the same.

3. There is a cool steam train that runs there but yet still pisses people off.

4. Contains trashy women and dicks for guys.

5. Boobs are common.
Girl: "Why is that girl wearing a skirt up to her stomach and drunk off her ass?"

Boy: "Because it's Lake County."
by hydrostatic lubricator December 30, 2011
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White people everywhere. The only county In California you DON'T wanna live in. Consists of tweakers, old white folks and racist police officers. May or may not find used needles on sidewalks. Cess pool of STDs and hepatitis.
"Lake county is my hometown."
"That's not something you should be proud of."
by Honest John January 05, 2018
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