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1. A casual relationship between two persons who are usually attracted to one another. This can involve puppy love, sex, or perhaps just “hooking up.” The common “spring fling” can refer to a fling that takes place during the named season (Spring is when many animals mate).

2. Spring Fling can also refer to a colligate dance held at a few American universities (i.e. Tufts University and the University of Pennsylvania).
1. “Did you hook up with anyone during your trip to Mexico, Sandy?”
“Sort of. I met this really sweet guy and we spent a lot of time together.”
“Sounds serious… are you guys going to get married?”
“Quit teasing, Barbara, it was just a little spring fling.”

2. “Are you going to the Spring Fling at Penn this year, Carl?”
“Nah. It’s just a bunch of bros giving out free hotdogs.”
by Dr. Beta April 10, 2008
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