An ingeniously useful word invented by master wordsmith Sarah Palin, which combines the definitions of the words "refudie" and "ate" into one superword.
by BrokenEye the Prophet August 03, 2010
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A word made up by George W. Bush, and then again by Sarah Palin, is used as a combination of Refute and repudiate, and was declared by the Oxford Dictionary to be technically valid in the way she was using it, if only for the fact that neither Refute or Repudiate would actually make sense in that situation.
Muslim: Hey guys, lets build a mosque near Ground Zero

Sarah Palin: peaceful Muslims, please refudiate your call to action.
by Hombre Slim November 17, 2010
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1. To inantly refuse to make a point. An act of "repute" in self defense of the word previously stated. To refudiate.

2. A supreme being of great knowledge, superior being, has been bestowed the gift from wisemen so as to inantly "refudiate" the great wisdom.
Sarah has refudiated her previous statement of misguided information in order to redirect the words by the surrounding the word of meaning with new context.
by Wasn'tMeEither December 19, 2010
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verb. To loosen or liberate something again, specifically in the figurative. Comes from Latin re-again, fudet-have loosened, iate-to do.
Do we need someone to refudiate this argument?
by silivrenion January 22, 2011
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verb: to fast, or to refuse nourishment.
The buddist monks would often refudiate during their months of meditation
by tirkishdogs123 December 19, 2010
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