When someone says something relatable or relevant and you wanna “reference” it.
Person A: That party sucked!

Person B: Reference
by Bakers12 March 19, 2019
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A misspelling of referrer used in internet lingo deliberately.

It came about because when one web page links (or refers) to another, it tells the second web page who the REFERer was.
Of the sites that link to us, the most popular REFERER is acpizza.livejournal.com, but thats probably because they've been running asswipe again.
by jkenner January 20, 2004
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An abbreviated term used to identify the common-place, everyday, plain old "refrigerator".

Bart the bone-head keeps his reefer in the refer.
by THE VEEP April 10, 2006
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1. to direct to a source

2. Often the misspelled form of "reefer" in online chats.
Steve: "That guy is a referhead."

Joe: "That would mean he directs people to other sources you dufus. He is a reefer-head.
by Joe December 06, 2004
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When an individual makes an attempt to hipe up there linguistic intelligence around others to camouflage the fact that they haven't a breeze what there talking about.
Also when an attempt is made to point out the blatantly obvious. Like a jackass highlighting a paragraph right in front of the person reading it.
Reference the hole in your trousers..
Reference your late back break time..
Reference, reference..
Reference the fire exit is for emergency use..
by Pointofcontact September 19, 2016
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Increasingly used on the internet, the phrase "Is that a JoJo reference?!" refers to the anime JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. Since the anime is used in a lot of memes, when people spot something related to JoJo in a meme they tend to ask if it is a JoJo reference.
MEME: -Is a "to be continued meme", or says the word "NANI?!"-
Meme connoisseur: "Is that a JoJo reference?!!"
by supersonicsammyfan fan September 13, 2019
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A reference to Hirohiko Araki's long running manga (and anime) series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Usually pertaining to things simular to or referencing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure themes such as floating or exploding Kanji, posing that covers the face and aesthetic of both the show and manga.
Hey Bob was posing at the business meeting today with his hands and hips. Was that his arthritis or a jojo reference?
by HentaiExpert August 30, 2017
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