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I beautiful girl on the inside and out. She has trouble making friends and doesnt know why. She sits in her room listening to billie eilish while crying. She is nice to everyone. Even the people who hate her. If you hurt her feelings, she wont care. She only gets sad about being alone.
Give Reese a chance. You wont regret it.
by ?¿I’m confused?¿ May 24, 2019

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A beautiful girl with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Not many people are friends with her because they think she talks too much but little do they know she is actally a very sensitive and kind person who just wants a friend. She listens to good music and is fun to be around and funny
1:have you seen reese?
2:yeah she talks a lot
1:actually she is very nice and pretty funny
1:oh maybe I’ll talk to her
by ?¿I’m confused?¿ March 03, 2019

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Something you would say if you were having a good time
by ?¿I’m confused?¿ January 24, 2019

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