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Where you go to live if you are wealthy but don't feel the need to constantly show it (as in Wilton and Weston).
Son: Daddy, why doesn't mommy wear her pearls and best gowns to walk the dog?

Father: Silly child. We live in Redding,CT, not Wilton,CT.
by 203GUY January 02, 2011
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Regardless of the other definitions of the town of Redding in Connecticut, it really isn't much different or worse than any other suburban town in the United States. Sure, we are probably wealthier than many other towns, but behavior and people wise, we're nothing out of the ordinary.

Redding is a town in Connecticut's Fairfield County.

Sports play a big role in Redding. The students do have a lot of school spirit, but what's wrong with that? Joel Barlow High School has relatively high scores on standardized test as well. Yes, and there are also the kids who drink and smoke, but honestly, what town doesn't have kids like that? Wherever you go, teens will always be experimenting with drugs and alcohol. The cops, however, don't really have much to do, so they will punish you severely for relatively minor infractions of the law. And contrary to popular beliefs, the schools in Redding aren't populated with only jocks and sluts. Sure, we have our fair share, but what school doesn't? There are also the sexually active kids, but not everyone loses their virginity at 14 or 15, like many people claim. And there are many people who make large salaries, but not everyone drives around in $70,000 cars and live in $4 million houses.

Redding is just like any other wealthy suburban town.
Redding,CT is a wealthy town in CT.
by $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ August 19, 2010
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Not to be confused with Redding, CA. Redding,CT is home to rich preppy kids who have nothing better to do then, spend there parents money on just about anything they want. It's not uncommon to see teenagers driving around in Range Rovers or Porsches. Also the high school is shared with kids from the neighboring town of Easton,CT. Athletics plays a large roll in campus life at the high school. But who cares everyone has a 4.5 gpa except the kids that do pot and come to school wasted. Those kids are just a bad reflection on this rich town. Show me a town in FC that doesn't have drug problems.
Redding,CT Kid: We have some druggies at are high school

Ridgefeild/Wilton/New Canaan kid: Are high school is perfect we have no druggies

Redding kid: thats not true
by $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$=Redding August 25, 2010
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