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A sweet, charming, adorable, smart, funny, incredibly gifted child. Also the name of a famous sports brand. Derieved from the words east and on. East- the right direction. On-do i really need to tell you? Yes this name is most commonly for white boys.
Girl 1: Oh look he's perfect!
Girl 2: Definitely an EASTON!
by iamahuman12233 March 21, 2010
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The hottest,thicccccccest,sexy’st person you will ever see. He is also extremely gifted and althetic. He has rock hard abs and is great at dancing. He’s comedic and has stupid freinds especially 1 @ty_mouse. all in all Easton will be the most perfect person you’ll ever meet
That guy is thicccc,hot,sexy,and has rock hard abs
It’s an Easton
by AceAttack193 October 3, 2018
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Easton is a sweet guy who can be shy or awkward at first but once he warms up to you he becomes your best friend. He loves playing video games and making people laugh. He will always be there for you and he makes a very good boyfriend. He loves old music but is always down for listening to rap music or singing along even though he doesn't know the words. He loves watching or playing sports and is very caring for his family and has his priorities straight.
Oh Easton? He's a great guy!
I had the best time with Easton last night!
by highwhales May 28, 2018
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A rich wanna-be farm town in fairfield county. Quite possibly the whitest place on earth. Characterized by cows, lots of trees, roads that are only wide enough for one car to pass at a time, two stores, mansions, expensive cars, and farms.

Kids usually engage in excessive drinking (beruit is a common game) and drugs because there is nothing else better to do (entering freshmen from this town can usually drink college seniors under the table).

Also, the weekend day trip destination for rich parents, usually wearing pastel polos, with little kids from more populated areas of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts who go to "farms" in this town to pick fruit, chop christmas trees, and go on hay rides because they think this is the outdoors.

To be eligible to live in Easton, you need at least three of the following:
1. Drive a Jeep, volkswagon, BMW, Mercedes, lexus, or land rover.
2. Own a house costing at least 1 mil.
3. Listen to dave matthews or some jam band.
4. Be able to drive over 60mph on 10 foot wide roads.
5. Have mexicans do landscaping.
6. Drink excessivly or do some form of drugs.
"Hey where do you live?"
"Did you hear about that cocain bust in middle school?"
by I live in October 14, 2005
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A city in Pennsylvania known for it's soaring High School dropout rates, young female teens getting knocked up, and of course its superior laziness
Ex. Wow you're such a bum, Do you live in Easton?
by SottoSchmanti March 23, 2009
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Easton is a very hung man. When he plays baseball, his peen becomes very hung. It hangs out of his shorts sometimes. Easton is the literal definition of hung peen.
Dude, I have an Easton.
by HungPeen42069 June 26, 2019
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A very small town in Fairfield County, one of the richest counties in the United States where about 99% of the people are Caucasian (unless they are a Gupta, Bletsas, or Costa) and do a lot of drugs. There is absolutely nothing to do here so unless you are traveling to another town for movies/mall/etc. you are probably partying in a field somewhere or smoking pot in your house watching the tube. This is a town where 10 year olds have cell phones, 16 year olds are given BMWs and Mercedes as their first cars, the drinking age is practically 13, houses are at the very least a million bucks, and one of the easiest places to find drugs. After high school, most of your friends are from Redding, and you probably won't stay in touch with too many in the span of your life because everyone moves the fuck out because of the rising taxes and expenses.
Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful place with giant houses and friendly people...friendly if you have a Coach purse and shop at Abercrombie and Fitch. Stepford wives and pristine children, welcome to Easton!
"Hey, is anything going on in Easton tonight?"
"No..let's go to Huntington Park or the Pane Open Space!"
"Alright, who's going to Brewster for a beer run?"

"We took a stretch hummer to prom!"
"We took my friends stretch limo that her family OWNS"

"Mr. Norris is so heady"
by yeah, i live here May 28, 2006
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