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When a girl claims she's on her period to get out of having sex with you.
Jennifer's been giving me the red scare! She's been on her period for over a month!
by Dr. Dos January 26, 2005
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n. When your girlfriend doesn't tell you that she has her period (or doesn't know)and you try to slide into third base hands first, resulting in red all over your hands and a horrified look on your face.
Jacob thought his date was going great, so he slid his hand south only to get hit with the Red Scare.
by Zellars03 December 10, 2007
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a pejorative progressives use to dismiss the shame of their inaction in the face of communist aggression, imperialism and terrorism.

the correct term is red menace. it was the justified and legitimate organic anxiety of a nation facing a rising totalitarian threat from communism. communists were invading and annexing countries on the european continent, colonizing and overthrowing the governments in other parts of the globe, and building weapons in a bid to eliminate all global alternatives to the red communist system.

the first era of the red menace was in the 19-teens and twenties. this was a time when progressives loyal to the russian revolution were setting off bombs in u.s. cities and attempting to assasinate u.s. presidents.

the second era was spurred by the revelation that the u.s. state department had become ridden with soviet spies. this , in conjunction with overt soviet power maneuvers in the hemisphere caused americans to support greater vigilance from their leaders.
progressive: duh you're just a red-baiting mccarthyite nazi! don't you know that the red scare went out of style in the 50's?"

normal person: i guess "brown-baiting" is still "hip" or something.
by juuuummmmyyyy October 14, 2009
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where a girl, during mother natures monthly gift, may or may not have leaked somewhere and isnt sure about it and cannot go back to find out.
Girl 1: OH MY GOD.

Girl 2: What?

Girl 1: I am having a red scare moment right now.. I was just riding in a friends car..
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anal sex between two males

Origin of definition:
soviet union
red scare
If you had to pick one, would you rather dock or red scare?
by Wham! April 30, 2005
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When about four weeks has passed since your last period, and you're worried and anxious about when you're going to get it again.
Me: It's around four weeks since my last period. I should be getting it any day now.
Friend: Yeah, you wouldn't want to get it during the middle of class or something and ruin your clothes.
Me: Yeah. Every four weeks, I go through a Red Scare while I constantly worry about whether my period is about to start or not.
by Fractal-Pterodactyl May 11, 2016
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