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AP Human Geography A slightly interesting but utterly useless AP course taken by mainly ninth graders thought up by College Board. Most colleges don't look at it, and it's only use is if you get an A in it, you get a weighted 6 for your weighted GPA, which colleges don't look at either. (They look at unweighted, so if you do terrible in it, you're fucked)
Guy 1: I got a 5 on my APHG test!
Guy 2: Who cares? It's an easy course.
Guy 1: At least there's the credit.
Guy 2: Colleges don't look at that.
Guy 1: At least I have the weighted GPA.
Guy 2: Colleges don't look at that either.
Guy 1: At least I have an A.
Guy 2: You could have saved the trouble and taken a regular course.
Guy 1: At least it was interesting.
Guy 2: That's opinionated, and is an invalid argument.
by Fractal-Pterodactyl July 27, 2012
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In a phrase Nikola Tesla > Charlie Sheen, Nyan Cat, Chuck Norris, and any other so-called win people added, then raised exponentially to the power of a googolplex. This dude invented the polyphase alternating current system, fluorescent lighting, had OCD (especially with the number 3), caused an earthquake, might have invented a time travel machine but blueprints destroyed in lab fire, was the true inventor of radio, helped develop a necessary logic gate called an "AND" gate, and lots more. The best thing he did though, was invent the epic win Tesla Coil.
Nikola Tesla was far more influential on out lives than Edison, yet he gets only a paragraph, if any in textbooks. Nikola Tesla = WIN. And sadly he's dead and asexual. He's also somewhat hot.
by Fractal-Pterodactyl December 9, 2011
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An awesome book series by Ridley Pearson. It is about a group of kids from five different schools (which actually exist) that get sent to Disney World (in Orlando) to be subjects for a DHI, Daylight Hologram Imaging / Disney Host Interactive project. This allows tourists to ask questions to projected hologram guides all over the parks. However, something went wrong when they compiled their data. When they fall asleep at night, they wake up as their hologram selves in the park. This may sound fun, but it turns out the Disney villains are real! It would be cool if one of them "went" to Dr. Phillips High School, the one adjacent to Universal Studios. But no, it's a DISNEY book... not a UNIVERSAL one.
Hey man! I wonder if they really are going to put DHIs in Disney just like they did in the Kingdom Keepers!.
by Fractal-Pterodactyl December 23, 2011
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Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. (Kingdom Keepers series). A state when a DHI (Disney Host Interactive/Daylight Hologram Imaging, depending on the context) falls asleep in reality, and his or her DHI is stuck in a Disney park, unable to return to his or her body. The person is stuck in a coma until their DHI is able to return.
Finn: Maybeck is stuck in Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, man!

Willa: Yeah... SBS....
Finn: We need to get him to the fob so he can Return!
Charlene: He's stuck somewhere in Disney; we know that!
Jess: We need to find him! Jelly is worried of her poor boy's comatose state!
by Fractal-Pterodactyl December 23, 2011
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When about four weeks has passed since your last period, and you're worried and anxious about when you're going to get it again.
Me: It's around four weeks since my last period. I should be getting it any day now.
Friend: Yeah, you wouldn't want to get it during the middle of class or something and ruin your clothes.
Me: Yeah. Every four weeks, I go through a Red Scare while I constantly worry about whether my period is about to start or not.
by Fractal-Pterodactyl May 11, 2016
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Epic yellow object made from Chuck Norris's guts and Charlie Sheen's blood. A living Tesla Coil. If his lightning was projected in real life, it would be around a hundred million volts, and a few hundred amps. AKA Deadly but awesome. Pikachu hates going into Pokeballs, and controls children's minds through it's total epicness. A male pikachu has a pointy tail, and a female has a heart. Pikachu is the god of adorable, fluffy things and is an apprentice for the god of high voltage, Nikola Tesla. Pikachu might cause seizures when zapping missiles though. Other than that, a tame one is extremely cuddly. Pikachu lost a lot of weight from the first season to now. That doesn't mean he's any less adorable and cute!
Today's kids will never know why Pikachu is always out of its pokeball... Pikachu, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, and Emolga are all related, according to Bulbapedia. Also, you can tell by looking at them. They all have circles on their faces, and they are all tiny, and they are all cute as fuck.

Joke: What is an electric Pokemon's capacitance measured in?

*Pika, pico meaning 10^-12, geddit?*
by Fractal-Pterodactyl December 10, 2011
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