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1.Rectos: a term said by people when their mind has been blown completley.
2. a tearm meaning a mixture of "OMG and WTF NO WAY"

NOTE*(Rectos is usually "sang" in a high pitched voice rather than said, Rectos can also be used as the subject in a sentance eg."thats a rectos")
1) guy 1: Dude, i just realized it how mutch man has evolved since the beging of time... just think about it.

guy 2: Rectos!

2) Guy 1: you know those underwater jet streams in Finding Nemo?

Guy 2: ya?

Guy 1: there real!


3)Guy 1: Thats Nasty, that dog just slobbered all over my face!
Girl 1: Dog's tounges are cleaner than human's
guy 1: Thats A Rectos!
by Brokencheese March 04, 2010
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When something is beyond perfect, when you want to emphasise how great something is. Stems from the phrase 'perfecto in the recto'. First used by 16th century monks, who hadn't seen a woman in a while. Best said in a short and snappy way, suggestively...
How are you feeling today? Recto
This cheese is recto.
Your bum looks recto in those jeans.
by alexarecto April 05, 2017
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A place where you can lose our innocence without losing your virginity
I just went to Recto the other day and learned about sex.
by XinXin May 01, 2014
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