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1. Move back suddenly: To move back suddenly and violently, e.g. after an impact.

2. Feel horror: To react instinctively with fear, horror, disgust, or distaste.

3. Sudden backward movement: A sudden and violent backward movement, especially that of a firearm when it is fired.

4. Movement away in horror: A movement back or away from something, especially in horror or disgust.

When you fire a gun, you feel the force of the recoil.
by Jafje March 31, 2007
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When one takes a dump so large that when the excrements hit the the toilet water the anus, the balls, and/or the gooch are splashed or soaked by toilet water.
I didn't have to use any toilet paper today because the massive recoil from my dump did the job for me.
by saturatedlumber225 August 07, 2012
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Every time you fire a weapon, the gun will constantly go up and down (and sometimes left to right).
omg he has no recoil hack ban him!!
by Noxis December 02, 2003
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some one that is a beast at every FPS. normally a gamer whit recoil in a online ID is most likely to have the highest score at the end of a gamers whit a number at the end of recoil are most likely unstable,smokes alot of weed,shakes his fist at the tv every time he die's,and call you a jew every time you come across him in a lobby
man did you see that recoil go,he just raped the whole team.
man did you see that recoil08 go, what a fucking scrub and a racist on top of it
by recoil08 April 06, 2011
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Usually a person with an alternate gay ego often attracted to their alternate characters in online games, more often than not Recoils want to FPS due to their lack of skill in MMORPGs
Man that recoils so gay he dances naked with his male toon
by Mastablastah September 06, 2010
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Recoil is what I have to do with my penis after urinating so it will fit back into my jeans.
JUST HOLD ON! I will be out as soon as I recoil my penis and zip my jeans.
by Jonathan September 21, 2004
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