When a girls ass shakes after jumping or any activity involving Movement of the legs
Yo did you see that girl on tik tok She had hella recoil
by Fxidjfcucixjngcjj November 19, 2021
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When/how much a girls ass/tits jiggles or shakes after movement (jumping running etc)
Lucy has hella recoil man, damn its fire 10/10
by walter_white:DDD March 13, 2023
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1. Move back suddenly: To move back suddenly and violently, e.g. after an impact.

2. Feel horror: To react instinctively with fear, horror, disgust, or distaste.

3. Sudden backward movement: A sudden and violent backward movement, especially that of a firearm when it is fired.

4. Movement away in horror: A movement back or away from something, especially in horror or disgust.

When you fire a gun, you feel the force of the recoil.
by Jafje March 31, 2007
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When one takes a dump so large that when the excrements hit the the toilet water the anus, the balls, and/or the gooch are splashed or soaked by toilet water.
I didn't have to use any toilet paper today because the massive recoil from my dump did the job for me.
by saturatedlumber225 August 7, 2012
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When a girl is dancing, running or jumping and her boobs are bouncing wildly - but pleasurably.
I know I’m going to hell, but did you see the Recoil of that Special Olympics chick doing jumping jacks!?
by BLAYZE68 July 28, 2022
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Every time you fire a weapon, the gun will constantly go up and down (and sometimes left to right).
omg he has no recoil hack ban him!!
by Noxis December 3, 2003
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