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1. Verb - the act of giving legit oral sex to a man such that your lips touch his scrotum: when a woman goes balls deep on a man's penis. Derived from the word retching which is the noise that the woman makes while gagging on the man's penis.

2. Noun (Reckler)- a woman known for being a pro at going balls deep.
"Man she sure has nice juggs, I would love to have her reckle my rock".

"What was that noise I heard last night in the living room? Oh my bad bro. I had Sarah over so you know I couldn't pass up a good reckling".

"Have you been with Shayna? She may have roast beef but I heard that she's a pro reckler".
by OG Krumb June 18, 2016
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1. verb - the act of touching your testicle(s) to your asshole - typically can only be achieved when your balls are extremely hot and swampy, and therefore hang at a very long length; the objective backwards swing of the scrattle or newton's scradle

Etymology: rectum + testicle = reckle

2. noun - another good ol' angry term for a person that disgusts you

"good god damn it's hot in here. i bet you i could reckle...yep...yep i sure can."

"dude, did you just swipe my calculator? fuckin reckle..."
by Roto Thompson January 09, 2008
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