A polite way of saying "you screwed up, idiot, try it again."

A GPS says "recalculating" after you miss a turn it told you to take, then it comes up with a new route based on your current position. It doesn't call you a dumbass, it simply says "recalculating" which lets everyone in the car know you are a dumbass without it having to actually say so.
Dude #1: Have some of these great nachos I just made.

Dude #2: Recalculating. Try cheese.

Guy: I'm thinking you're coming home with me tonight.
Girl: Recalculating.
by spokaman November 14, 2010
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The worst possible thing that you can hear in your car when using a GPS. There are few other sounds on Earth that can invoke a manic state so quickly.
-"I've got a few miles, I'll check my voicemail really quick..."
by It's A Dizzle April 23, 2009
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While this term is usually heard when you miss a turn and your GPS unit in your car has to "recalculate" your route to get you to the desired location.

It is also the term to describe a persons life when it does not go as planned.
What is one word you would use to describe your life?
by pixie1967 July 08, 2012
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At first glance, this word means "ridiculous", but in reality it means "amazing that you found out this word is really in Urban Dictionary"
What! That's recalculous! I made up that word over 20, hell 30 years ago!
by SchlabbyGirl May 31, 2008
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The stream of the word "recalculating" coming from your car's GPS when the car changes direction, loses signal, etc.
"When the car went through that mile long tunnel, our GPS was doing the recalculating rap all the through."
by geniusonwheels April 18, 2009
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