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A polite way of saying "you screwed up, idiot, try it again."

A GPS says "recalculating" after you miss a turn it told you to take, then it comes up with a new route based on your current position. It doesn't call you a dumbass, it simply says "recalculating" which lets everyone in the car know you are a dumbass without it having to actually say so.
Dude #1: Have some of these great nachos I just made.

Dude #2: Recalculating. Try cheese.

Guy: I'm thinking you're coming home with me tonight.
Girl: Recalculating.
by spokaman November 14, 2010
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While this term is usually heard when you miss a turn and your GPS unit in your car has to "recalculate" your route to get you to the desired location.

It is also the term to describe a persons life when it does not go as planned.
What is one word you would use to describe your life?
by pixie1967 July 08, 2012
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The worst possible thing that you can hear in your car when using a GPS. There are few other sounds on Earth that can invoke a manic state so quickly.
-"I've got a few miles, I'll check my voicemail really quick..."
by It's A Dizzle April 23, 2009
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