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The fear that a person wearing a white shirt gets when eating a hamburger, hot dog, chicken, etc., that has ketchup.
"It's Jim's lunch break, and I think he has ketchuphobia. He has barely touched his Quarter Pounder, probably because he has that presentation at 3."
by geniusonwheels February 18, 2009
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The 96-crayon box made by Crayola. This size box is usually bought by parents whose child is yelling because they love coloring.
One parent to another: "We had to buy the Grand Crayon because Susie thinks she is in love with her coloring books."
by geniusonwheels February 3, 2009
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A scale on which a person is measured by how much they freak out. The more yelling and hair pulling, the higher on the freak-o-meter.
"Dude, my mom's freak-o-meter was going off when I let go of the Wii remote and it hit that antique vase."
by geniusonwheels April 18, 2009
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To interrupt a peaceful moment, just like a pair of cymbals clashed together would do.
John cymbalized when he walked in on Rob and Julie kissing.
by geniusonwheels February 3, 2009
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The greatest animal of the Animal Kingdom. Ever.
Woodchucknorris doesn't gnaw through logs. He just stares it apart.
by geniusonwheels February 3, 2009
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The words that now appear on many YouTube videos in caption boxes. Many people find these caption boxes very annoying.
Man screaming at computer:

"This video would be a lot better if there wasn't all this YouText wasn't all over the screen!"
by geniusonwheels February 8, 2009
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The first 30 questions of the game show Jeopardy!. If Double Jeopardy is the second round, then logically, Single Jeopardy comes first.
It's already at the end of Single Jeopardy and Ken's up by $5,000.
by geniusonwheels February 6, 2009
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