Rec Room is a social-sandbox vr game that is known for its creativity and screaming children!
“Yo, you play VRChat?”
Nah bro I play Rec Room”
“I can fw that ;)”
by Camodius October 20, 2021
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Rec Room is a free vr game sold on htc vive, oculus rift and Psvr. the game can also be played without a vr headset. rec room is a cartoon hangout game where you can play quests, sports, pvp, puzzle maps and ect. there are currently only 5 quest that you can play. the quests names are: Crimson Caldron, The Quest For The Golden Trophy, The Rise Of Jumbotron, The Isle Of Lost Skulls and Crosendo Of The Blood Moon.
the sports you can choose to play are: bowling, disc golf, paddle ball, dodgeball, paintball, laser tag and soccer.
In Rec Room there's three things you can mainly do; you can either hang out in the Rec Center, which is Rec Rooms hub, you can go play games and make friends with random people, or just build community rooms that might just get popular. In Rec Room there are tickets as currency, you can buy, collect, or win outfits and bring them out at any time you want.

And you cannot forget the clubs! Clubs are a experimental feature on Rec Room. Clubs are these groups of people that either have fun, battle, explore, or are just there to help. When you join a club, you have to put it in your bio or name to pledge that your a member. The main clubs that exist right now are: UNR (United Nations of Rec Room), BMG (Be More Good), ERIS and SR. There are many, many, many more clubs but those were the most popular. There is much more features that Rec Room has, but you will just have to find them out on your own!
ill see you in Rec Room
by Biome of Rec Room January 23, 2019
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A VR game full of furries, 9 year olds, lonely online daters, etc. The game gets worse every update. Do not join their discord servers, they are full of minimods that will do anything they can to ruin your fun.
Joe: Hey, should I download Rec Room?
Yuri: No
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A place for dpressed and lonely peolple. Some people also date in the game. Its kinda gay.
Tobias: You got any dating sites
Emil: Yeah try Rec Room
by the_mineDK January 8, 2020
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a game with a lot of mean people but some can teach you new stuff
by animesimperrrr March 10, 2022
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Rec room is a horibble game ruined by racists and little kids screaming and the ads, I wont even start with the ads
Wanna play Rec Room?” “Hell to the nah bro.”
by Sisumao68 May 30, 2022
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A free VR game known widely for underage use when its meant for users of age 13+. It's also a very well know synonym for the word toxic.
"Hey Tim have you played Rec Room?"
"No not really, seems like it's pretty toxic"
by TylerKnows January 16, 2022
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