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A worthless pile of shit. A man in his mid to late twenties that probably lives with you due to a lack of motivation or resources to survive on there own. They very seldomly have jobs or money. When they do the jobs are very short lived, and the money is always from there parents. They tend to befriend teenage girls but not for sexual purposes but because they find they have more in common with a teen girl living at home then a real man of there same age. Most reames use a certain type of abbreviated slang because they are to lazy to actually pernounce the whole word. They are hard to spot because of there fashinable clothing that can be attributed to their parents taking them shopping every few months. But are dectable by observing the many bed sores they have from extreme lethargy.
I have this fucking reames living in my house that I just can't get rid of.
by S.K. Rango January 24, 2009
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Someone who loves watching teeny-bopper horror movies. So much so that they will go without food or fresh air to watch them. Even though this word has a dual definition they often go hand in hand. Being a worthless reames and a bad horror movie loving reames are almost always related. Where they can be found : In their room at 3 in the afternoon still wearing their matching PJ's that their mom bought them watching the director's cut of Prom Night. Also a huge fan of the Jonas bros. A huge J bros fan.
The Uninvited looks like such a fuckin reames movie.
by S.K Rango January 24, 2009
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