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Actually, I think you are all wrong.
It's 1337

1 = L
3 = E
3 = E
7 = T

Its also the name for the language 1337, not short for elite, the language was used by hackers to confuse who ever was reading their messages. (CIA, FBI etc.)

It consists of numbers and symbols to make up words ie. 1 = L, 3 = E, 4 = A and 5 = S.
1/\/\ 50 ()|33|p 1337, `|0() c|()`|5 5()(|<

I'm so uber leet, you guys suck.
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A system of writing hackers use, so if anyone is reading their conversations, it will be hard to get what there saying.
Generally, kids tend to understand this better than most adults do.
1 4M 5P34K1NG 733T R1GH7 N0W. M057 P30PL3 W0N7 UND3254ND M3 R1GH7 N0W.
by That__One__Guy October 16, 2009
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Common form of writing used by online gamers in which letters are replaced with numbers - such as '3' for 'e', and '4' for 'a'.

Pronounced "leet", the name is short for 'elite' - a highly sought-after status in the gaming world.
j00 d34d, f00, t3h g4/\/\3 r0xx0r5 & 1 0wnz3d i+!!!!!

Translation - your life is soon to end my ignorant friend, and this game is very good. I am also very good at playing this game.
by tonifasic June 12, 2004
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somthing little online dorks with no social life say to make them self feel better about living in their mommys basement.
dork: i 0wn, im r0x0r & im 733t
De$per8: thats how i know ur a little pale skinned wierdo
by De$per8.S April 27, 2005
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Slang for "leet", which is a shortened version of elite.

Using the 7 as an l, the 3's as e's and the t is used normally.

Commonly used in online gaming.

Usage may apply broadly, as both a noun and as an adjective.

That guy made an 733t shot. (adj)

His gameplay has reached 733t status. (n)
by Gingerbreadman September 13, 2003
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uh, you're both incorrect
733t is the n00b way of saying l33t.
11-15 y/o wannabe's say it.
<chix0r05> lolz i am so 733t
<uberuser> wtf?, IT'S L33T DAMNIT! ELL THREE THREE TEA!!!!111111111

* uberuser slaps chixor05 around a bit with a large trout.
by uberuser March 15, 2005
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means teet in 1337

its not how they spell leet
7=t not l and t is usally reprsented by 7

|75 1337 |\|()7 733t
by PHuck off... April 11, 2008
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