Most precious and beautiful thing ever! the nicest person you'll ever meet, the most hilarious and fun person on earth!
wow, shes so razzy!

awe! thanks your so razzy.

haha shit yo you razzy!

by Cpt_Kirk January 30, 2009
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When something is to hype or crazy.

Son, dat shortie is razzy! He gotta bod! He gotta PHAT BOOTY!
by MaiDizzle January 25, 2009
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An individual who is hip, with their finger on the pulse, and is up with the times.
She's so razzy. All the kids totally love having her as their teacher.
by wonafide April 14, 2021
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A razzie is an award for making the worst movie. this is only given to the worst of the worst.
Person #1: Hey man do you like this new movie?
Person #2: Na man this has too be the worst movie out there, it deserves a razzie ay.
by TheRealOG221 November 14, 2016
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An entity so spectacular and/or cool, that no other conventional word compares.

Also a common descriptive term used for the potency or overall grade and quality of any awesome substance.

Also used as an adj. and an adverb.
1. Dude that shit was Razzi.

2. "Check out that girls ass....."

3. "That bitch Jessica thinks she's Razzi, just cuz she's got new tits." "yeah."
by The_Mark September 27, 2011
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Any type of sunglasses that have a really dark lens so that the paparazzi won't be able to see the wearers eyes.
I love the way these Razzis look on me.
by Krizztyle June 9, 2010
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"The Razzies", which are also known as The Hollywood's Worst Movies Awards, are an awards show (Named after the "Raspberry" Tongue-Blowing Taunt) where the Worst Movies ever are rewared as being the Best of the Worst. Past winners have been Gigli, Hulk, Swept Away, and Wild Wild West.
"Catwoman" is looking to win the 2004 Razzie of the Year Award.
by G-Union 2 August 12, 2004
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