When someone says something stupid and you make fun of them for it. Similar to roast
A: What's the word for when someone says something stupid and you tease them for it? Razzing?
B: Roasting, you idiot.

A: you're razzing me!
by Cassious64 April 06, 2018
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Similar to tuning, razzing is the act of courting a woman with the intention of making sexual relations with her.
Hey man who are you razzing?
Just some dirty bitch I met last weekend
by Casual Cody May 07, 2010
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The act or distribution of trickery/mockery to persons you may-or may not care for. Razzing may not be dangerous or life threatening, but may cuz cause side effects such as; crying, dihharea, back pain, indigestion and living at home for a while.

If you are lucky enough to be razzed-youre welcome.
Putting Barbies on an unexpecting Chevy Silverado while jackin up the credit cards.
"Katie, are you razzing my dad"?
"Yeah, I hit his head with a zuchinni".
by kbff August 20, 2009
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Verb. Local slang from Melbourne, Australia.

To be friendly to a particular person in order to gain sexual preference with them. Often seen in the context "on the razz."
Timmy is totally razzing Emily.

Marcus is on the razz.
by ThatOneGuyFromThatOneShow September 15, 2014
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To be utterly dissed or roasted in a somewhat unfair manner.
1. I keep getting razzed by Webby.
2. Man I just copped a razzing in the group chat.
by PapaKeatz October 26, 2015
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