lets have a razz.do you wanna razz on the spaz(go on the space invader machine/video game)
by mr. e. john April 17, 2003
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A. To throw a raspberry at someone wearing a light colored shirt with enough force to leave a stain
B. To pull a prank on someone that has similar emotional detriment to having a raspberry stain on their shirt
by nienkampf May 1, 2010
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FUGLY! Often referred to in times of sexual deprivation.

Man im so desperate i could shag a Razz.
by Anonymous April 7, 2003
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(n). Slang for cocaine.
"tonight lets go out and get on the razz."
by mambo55 September 4, 2007
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To be utterly dissed or roasted in a somewhat unfair manner.
1. I keep getting razzed by Webby.
2. Man I just copped a razzing in the group chat.
by PapaKeatz October 27, 2015
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Similar to cheesed. To be in a state of anger often caused by one of the boys.
Damn my boy Lenny is so razzed I stole his pocket Pussy

I am so razzed she didn’t let me hit

Beauty I’m so razzed the girls are wearing there hats right now. They look bare dust!
by Flodadski69 March 7, 2022
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do talk up girls
mate i razzed some prime biddy yesterday
by Supreme.Pete October 21, 2011
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