Razz- to ride
For example. Today, I went for a razz on my motorbike with friends.

Motorcycle specific lexis.

When asking if you want to go for a ride.
Person 1- Razz?
Person 2- Yeah, sure :)
by Mr60ftlesbianoctopus July 10, 2011
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When your not dating but your together like all the commitment of dating without the immense awkwardness
Did you hear that james and rebecca are razzing
by Uglyburger November 7, 2018
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To chat up someone in a sexual manner, in order to end up in a relationship or hooking up. Often done over the internet by bored high school students.
He asked me if I wanted to razz!
Did you say yes?
No! He's 3 years older than me!
by Winnietobyangus August 23, 2017
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The modern word for a women's vaginal secretion. In other words, a cool word for "getting wet."
"Dude last night me and Latisha were going at it and she totally razzed all over me"
by Jay & Ash August 19, 2009
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To razz is to have a male human/donkey specimen take his erected penis, and lightly tap and play with another human/donkey(s) anal hole. This usually results in massive orgasms and seamen to fly everywhere. (CAUTION: Can cause harsh rashes and sudden illness of the anus.)
Greg likes to "razz" Glenn's anus.
by Gilgamesh Duke of Snodgrass October 6, 2006
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Melbourne, Australian way of saying that you want to hook up with them or chat up to gain sexual contact!
Will: Yooooo imma go razz that girl

Cooper: alrighty try your best
by Shakespear666 October 3, 2017
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