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The most adorable, funny, sexy, amazing girl you can meet. Loves to help people and is loyal. A great friend and/or girlfriend. Will stick by her man. Rayanne's are very Loving and will never leave your side. Hard not to fall in love with. Often taken for granite. Loud and fun to be around. Most importantly will always stick up for her friends. once you have a Rayane dont let her go!
Damn! she must be a Rayanne.
by xXHelloXx April 07, 2012
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An amazing bestfriend. always there for you and never lets you down. Doesnt steal, lie, or cheat and is super beuatiful
"Man, she is such a good friend.."
"Yup her name HAS to be Rayanne, or Maia"
by rayannesafag March 11, 2012
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A cute, pretty, funny, outgoing, girl that's usually on the petite side. She is extremely well liked and her bubbly personality is infectious! Has a tendency to date the jealous types, and her ex's never recover. Being well admired by the opposite sex, her relationships are usually rocky. But this loyal girl sticks by her man. Generally a commitment-phoebe, her monogamous relationships don't last very long. She has the outward appearance of being flaky or undeceive, but once she makes a decision nothing can stop her. Everyone should have the extreme pleasure of knowing a Rayanne!
My last girlfriend was a hot fun chic, but she bailed on me after 3 months, she was such a rayanne, I'll never get over her!
by OneLuckyEx February 08, 2010
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