a welsh name belongs to people who know who they love and are very passionate and clever if you ever come across a Rawlins never ever let them go they are keepers
oh my god i found a rawlins last night i think im going to keep him for ever
by katforeyes June 1, 2012
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An eerie, creepy town in the middle of Wyoming that looks like it keeps the SCP foundation very busy.
My brother was never the same after spending a night in Rawlins.
by Hlalakar May 20, 2020
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A term that shows you ain't smokin or rollin', you are cruisin' to catch another brotha who's smokin the herbz so you can throw they ass in Jail.
"Them Cyclopz Boyz is rawlin' up--get ya heads heavy and lay low."
by Robert J. Blevins July 29, 2006
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the act of using a prosthetic hand to masturbate either yourself or your partner. Either end can be used.
while my amputee girlfriend was taking a shower, I helped myself to a Rawlins handshake.
by Poe whitrash August 29, 2012
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Joint with one final tasty, huge bud right at the end to perk you up!
"ahh man i got sooooo stoned the other night"
"ooh right what off of?"
"a rawlins suprise"
by rachellizzie July 18, 2009
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some one who is a complete cunt, with disregard to all other human life
that guy is a fuckin crack rawlins, he put ketchup over a disabled guys head
by marc roussel September 11, 2006
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The hottest most charming guy ever, he sits next to maia in math and loves his boyfriend xzavier, he is so lovely and all the girls love him, he pulls so many bitches and is fucking awesome.
Girl 1: woah is that nadir Rawlins?
Girl 2: yeah he’s so fucking hot
by katanaman123 May 8, 2022
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