To have unprotected sexual intercourse . In other words , no rubber .
I didn't have any condoms , but was desperate for sex . I had no choice but to be rawdoggin .
by thesightoflife March 28, 2018
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Sex with out a condom.
Slutty sophomore/junior : I love rawdoggin it
by madtown crew September 21, 2005
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I ain't have no lube, rawdoggin it in that ho.
by Z3RO26 April 2, 2008
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Having unprotected intercourse with random hoes you just met.
joe asked me how was your weekend, I replied with ya know, spent my weekend bangin lines, drinkin beers, and rawdoggin randoms. typical shit. fun weekend
by rawdogginrandy September 22, 2014
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(v.) To have sex with random girls, drunk or sober. Usually associated sorority girls or fraternity guys (See Sorostitutes)
Guy 1: "My slampiece caught me rawdoggin some randoms in my dorm"
Guy 2: "What happened?"
Guy 1: "She said she couldn't believe me. I said I couldn't believe my sandwhich wasn't ready yet. TFM"
by Fratasaurus Rx December 2, 2010
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