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An abbreviation for the phrase "total frat move." Used in response or to describe an action of a male who exudes all things fraternity.
"So I moved to Montana so I could go fly fishing for a year."
"Dude, that is such a TFM."

"So, I bought some new sunglasses to wear during spring break to impress the ladies."
"Stop tfmming.

"My parents gave me $1000 dollars because I spent all my rent on beer and polos."
"TFM dude, TFM"
by cnmetz May 18, 2007
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telepathic friend moment, when you and your friend do something at the same time/say the samae thing
Sally: Are you thinking what i'm thinking.
Susan: Definately, TFM!
by urbandictionarybanter February 08, 2015
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Too F**king Much; the severe feeling of disbelief one encounters when someone, or something, does something unthinkable
*on Instagram*

Girl #1: "Just found out I got another STD! :("
Guy #1: TFM.

Guy #2: Is our professor really giving us a 6-page essay to do in one night?
Guy #3: Damn, this is TFM.
by TheGiggityMan April 10, 2014
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Total Frikn Magic
A Phrase used in the TV series on MTV "Awkward"
Did you just see that!?
Yeah It was TFM!
by scarsfommars July 05, 2012
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