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Ravyn is a short, cute, loud girl. Very talented. She can be very shy around certain people or very,very outgoing . Has many friends but never just one best friend . She makes a lot of people jealous but it's not really her fault. She loves to club and party. you will always have fun with a Ravyn. She is normally boy-crazed but she'll keep it classy. When single she'll have her fun but when she's in a relationship, she'll be very loyal. She has a huge heart but most people never really get to see it. Beautiful eyes and a perfect smile. Can be very self centered at times .Has one certain person in their life that they will do absolutely anything for. Has been through a ton of pain but always seems to smile about it. If you ever find a Ravyn, never let her go, she'll be the best lady you will ever seem to find. amazing body. talks way too much. When she's down or depressed, she'll never let the person who hurt her know, she'll smile and act like she's ok. She can be a very big tease but never intends to be one. Ravyn's are one of the most beautiful girls in the whole world.
by applelover. July 23, 2011
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A beautiful girl who's loud, caring, and popular. She loves to talk but may be shy around strangers. She is sensitive about little things that others might not be sensitive about, she just cares. And she's popular even though she might hang out with anyone, she knows who she is.(:
love ravyn caring sensitive popular friendly bright talkative random beautiful pretty awesome
by RamenNoodlesYUMMM December 23, 2010
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Ravyn, she is the more beautiful than the stars themselves. She fangirls way too much about even the littlest things in life. She is smart yet beautiful. Her beauty transcends everyone else and will never stop growing. She can be crazy and loud at times but very fun. If she is out with her friends she's the most beautiful person in the room and will stand out. Ravyn is a big tease to the guys and doesn't even know it half the time. She gets mad and tries to overpower you, she can succeed depending on who you are. She is very loyal to the one she loves and that will never change. She constantly wishes something better than what it is now and wants to speed up time in this world. She agrees with her friends mainly about every topic they cover together. She loves to binge watch shows over and over and over along with her love. She is a hardcore snuggler and wants to snuggle with her love more than anything. She thinks school is a waste of time if she can't be with her love. She despises creeps and people that look at her in a disgusting way. Ravyn breaks down if she is without her love for a long period of time. She can't function without her love with her for more than a single day. She loves anime especially the romantic kind because it has a lot of drama that goes into it.
Ravyn is the most beautiful person in eternity and no soul can change that. She is the sole reason people continue to go to work, school, home and live.
by Ravyn's Love December 12, 2017
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a lovein,careing,helpful,party it up,happy,sensitive,stupid(in her own way),.She'll brightin up ur day with a smile thay are extremly talkittive and rages over dumm things cant spell and is her in her own way. if u ever get a ravyn keep her happy play with her and be hers. loves and helps makes friends now mater where.gets stingey over food. and... we'll be the best person you have met.
man you have to love ravyn.right?
by sylveonXD August 26, 2018
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the original old school 1980's goth/punk vampire cheerleader who survived all her friends naming their babies after the 90's Cosby show Raven-Simone only to decide to respell her name in the new millennium to regain some dignity and sophistication in the post-Buffy new Twilight world of sparkly vampires and teen-age angst.
Wow-your mom is a MILF! She is a Cougar!

Nah, my mom is a Ravyn! You better watch out dude--she eats posers like you for breakfast. Literally.
by LadyLvsNyt February 02, 2010
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pyscho fat ass idiot obsessed with anime, sushi, manga and anything japanese. plays DDR alone in the darkness of her basement with her druggie friend courtney who is a complete bitch and is currently EATING ALL MY FUCKING CHIPS AND BREAKING GUITARS!!!!!
she also likes getting stuck in stairs and froggies
it sucks being ravyn....
by 甘い August 10, 2008
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